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Bisyarin Michael A.

Bisyarin Michael Aleksandrovich

e-mail: bisyarin(at)

Professor at the Radiophysics Department of the Saint-Petersburg State University
Participates in scientific work of the fiber optics laboratory of SPbSPU as a scientific associate.
Scientific degree: Doctor of Physical and Mathematical Sciences

Was born on the 16th of October in 1963 in Leningrad.
1986 graduated from Leningrad (now St. Petersburg) State Technical University, Physics Faculty, in the specialty of Physics.
1990 began to work in radio physicists collectives of Physics faculty of SPbSU.
2003 began scientific and research activities at the Radiophysics Department of the Radiophysical faculty of SPbSPU in Fiber Optics Laboratory.

Scientific interests:
Theory of oscillations and waves, mathematical simulation of wave processes of a different physical nature, including nonlinear processes in inhomogeneous environments, light propagation and its transformation in optical fibers, signal processing.

1984 Interpreter diploma of Institute of Social Professions of Leningrad State University.
1986 Specialist degree in Physics (Leningrad State University, Physics faculty).
1989 The defense of a dissertation for the Candidate degree in Physical and Mathematical sciences (on a theme The asymptotic description of weakly nonlinear short pulses in waveguides and wave beams, in the specialty of Theoretical and Mathematical Physics).
2009 The defense of a dissertation for the Doctor degree in Physical and Mathematical Sciences, in the specialty of Radiophysics, on a theme Nonlinear dynamics of modulated electromagnetic and acoustic waves in inhomogeneous waveguide structures, the degree was awarded by Higher Attestation Commission in 2010 (full text, pdf 2,4 b).
2011 The professional development program (24 hours) Fundamental problems of ultra wideband radio communication and radio sounding.

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