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Kotov O.I.

Liokumovich L.B.

Medvedev A.V.

Ushakov N.A.

Chapalo I.E.

Bisyarin M.А.

Adaev E.A.

Nesterenko P.A.

PhD students

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The laboratory includes research associates and lecturers of the Institute of Physics, nanotechnology and telecommunications department of SPbSPU. Besides, researchers from other institutions also take part in the work of the laboratory.
Moreover, students and postgraduates are also involved in the scientific work of the laboratory.

The head of the laboratory is Doctor of Physical and Mathematical Sciences, Professor, Oleg Ivanovich Kotov.

Котов Олег Иванович

Kotov Oleg Ivanovich

Doctor of Science, Professor
Лиокумович Леонид Борисович

Liokumovich Leonid Borisovich

Doctor of Science, Professor
Медведев Андрей Викторович

Medvedev Andrei Victorovich

Candidate of Science, Docent
Ушаков Николай Александрович

Ushakov Nikolai Aleksandrovich

Postgraduate, Assistant
Чапало Иван Евгеньевич

Chapalo Ivan Yevgenievich

Postgraduate, Assistant
Бисярин Михаил Александрович

Bisyarin Michael Aleksandrovich

Doctor of Science
Адаев Евгений Алексеевич

Adaev Evgeniy Alekseevich

Нестеренко Полина Алексеевна

Nesterenko Polina Alekseevna

administrative officer
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