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Ushakov Nikolai A.

Ushakov Nikolai Aleksandrovich

e-mail: n.ushakoff(at)

Position: Assistant at the radiophysics department of the institute of physics, nanotechnology and telecommunications of SPbSPU
Scientific degree: Candidate of Physical and Mathematical Sciences

An academic secretary at the radiophysics department.
Reviewer of Optics Express, Applied Optics, Optical Engineering and Electronics Letters journals.

Was born on the 28th of April in 1988 in Leningrad.
2011 - graduated from the Radiophysical faculty of SPbSPU, in the specialty of radiophysics and electronics.
2009 - began scientific and research activities at the Radiophysics Department.
2011 - became a PhD student at the Radiophysics Department of the Radiophysical faculty.
2012 - became an assistant at the Radiophysics Department of the Radiophysical faculty.

Scientific interests:

Distributed fiber-optic sensors, digital signal processing, interference measurements, simulation of optical systems, optical micro-resonators, quantum information theory.


2009 - Bachelor of Engineering and Technology.
07.2010-02.2011 - Internship at the Technical University of Munich.
2011 - Master of Engineering and Technology.
2012 - professional development program (72 hours) "Software Environment LabVIEW and National Instruments technologies for scientific and educational tasks"
2013 - Winter School on Practical Quantum Communications, ID Quantique.
2015 - Candidate of Physical and Mathematical Sciences.

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